Welcome to Fuzzywallz!

Welcome to our Fuzzywallz General Blog! This is where we will be blogging about our general status, any changes going on, client news, accomplishments and anything related to our company that isn’t quite “geeky” enough for our “audio geekery” blog.

First of all, we obviously have a website up FINALLY! It has taken us quite a bit of time to get together even the most basic of content, and I’m guessing we’ll change it soon and often. These blogs will probably update the most, as they are easy and quick to do.

An even larger phenomenon within the company has taken hold. It is something very crucial and welcome to our Team- growth. We have expanded from 2 members (Jon and Fearless, with the occasional intern) to officially 8 members! That doesn’t mean that there will be 8 engineers hanging out at your every session, but it does mean that we have tons more support, availability, experience and some new expertise in the house! We recently welcomed 2 new engineers- Abrahn Gloria and Tony Brant. After dealing with way too many shabby, immature and/or unreliable interns, both Fearless I (Jon Weil) had become VERY picky on whom they would let into the studio as part of the team. Most previous interns either didn’t stick around or weren’t reliable enough to train. Both Tony and Abe immediately proved themselves, not just as good interns, but also as unique and hardworking audio engineers. We now have more hands to do the work and you can expect the workload and quality of product to go up.

I (Jon Weil) have been writing rather “dry” website content for a few weeks now, so pardon my tendency to write like a sales pitch or instruction manual! Hopefully, over time I can develop a less formal style when writing these blogs. ON a brighter note, I’m looking right at a future where I’m not burnt out by having to take every single gig in order to make ends meet. Things have gotten busy enough over the years, and we now have enough quality help, to where I can enjoy 100% of the work I’m doing. I also know that if I need to take some time off or take a consuming project, that my team will take care of everything else as well as (or better) than I could. Now THAT is how it should be!

–Jon Weil