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Fuzzywallz provides high-end professional audio mastering and works with artists from all over the globe. An individualized approach and clear communication with clients makes Fuzzywallz stand out as the best in the industry.

Radar Ears

In this crucial stage of production, having refined and honest ears is paramount. Fuzzywallz consists of Jon and Brandon Weil, who have been dedicated to music since their early childhood. Sharp, seasoned ears and decades of experience will bring your mix to the next level.

Jon and Brandon Weil Fuzzywallz Mastering

A Room With Fuzzywallz

The tastefully-appointed studio features optimal acoustics, transparent monitoring and a wealth of both analog and digital equipment. Pop over to the studio page for a closer look at the “Echo Lake Suite” and the gear within.

Mastering Local and International Clients

Fuzzywallz welcomes artists and labels from all genres. Some notable clients include Gin Blossoms, Ed Sheeran, American Authors, Related Records, Sydney Sprague, Twin Envy, Joey Gutos and hundreds more.

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