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the Little Sipper

Fuzzywallz is proud to introduce our very first product offering- the Little Sipper. These units were designed and hand-built by Jon Weil and are unlike anything that exists on the market.

Row of Little Sippers
OG Little Sipper

What is this thing?

The Little Sipper is an all-original and unique-sounding pedal. It does boost, overdrive, EQ and works gloriously on electric guitar, bass or any other instrument that you can plug into it. This small production run features extremely close-matched components and hand-wired circuitry for a very specific, desirable set of sound qualities. From a gentle, slightly compressed boost all the way to a blown-out tweed-like overdrive, the Little Sipper aims to please the most discerning of players.

You haven't tried anything quite like this yet.

Want one?

Hit us up- Introductory pricing at $150 USD.

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