Jon Weil

Head Audio Engineer & Founder of Fuzzywallz Mastering

Originally hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Jon started out writing songs, playing guitar, and singing at the age of 8. A few years after that, he caught the recording bug and hasn’t looked back since. It all started with recording his and his friends’ bands on cheap tape decks and quickly escalated from there to full-blown multitrack productions, using every bit of gear he could get his hands on.

Jon Weil at console, Uranus Recording
Jon (mastering engineer) with Tucker (beautiful, loving pup)

In 1998 Jon moved to Tempe, AZ. By mid-2004, he had graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Sciences and established Fuzzywallz (LLC). The next few years were spent recording and mixing out of (mostly) home studios, mobile rigs and running live sound. Word-of-mouth and a maybe little luck led Jon to engineer some sessions for international heroes, the “Gin Blossoms”, at Uranus Recording Studio. His work on their album “No Chocolate Cake” led to him becoming the Chief Engineer from 2010 until it’s closing in 2015. During that time, Jon got to work with hundreds of local acts and quite a handful of major-label artists too (see the extensive client list). After Uranus closed, he continued working with many local (and national) artists around town.  As time progressed, it became clear that mixing and mastering would be his specialty

 Jon and his family made the move to Shoreline, WA in late 2016. By the start of 2017, he had established a full-blown mastering studio and kept busy, still working mostly with Arizona-based clients. In October of 2017 Jon moved the studio to a larger location, now dubbed the “Echo Lake Suite”. By mid-2018, Jon’s brother Brandon had become a business partner and now the two of them are working with an ever-increasing number of both local and national clients.