Brandon Weil

General Manager & Asst. Engineer at Fuzzywallz Mastering

It was an overcast and windy day on the north side of the Ohio River when….. Just kidding, I won’t do the whole life story thing here, but just wanted to let those who have no idea who I am know a bit about me.  

Like my brother Jon before me and Kevin after me, I was born in Cincinnati, OH and got into music at a young age.  Drums came first and will probably always be my love in terms of instruments, but from a very young age I’ve also had a hands-on approach to the recording process with Jon and others, getting a feel along the way of how things all come together.

Brandon and Jalen
Brandon Weil in the studio

Over the years I’ve played in several bands, worked for Fender Musical Instruments, got married, had kids, moved to Seattle (an age old story).  After spending some time as a sales rep in the ‘corporate world’, I’ve decided that life is too short and passions are too important to not do what you love, and so I got back into music professionally.  

Jon and I have always had a very unique and rock-solid working relationship and decided that two heads are better than one.  And now I am here at Fuzzywallz to help with everything from new client development or studio drumming to running out for coffee if needed!