Tama Iron Cobra 900 Review

It was time to get a new kick drum pedal!

Welcome to the Tama Iron Cobra Review!  There are a ton of single, chain driven pedals out there, but a while back I had an Iron Cobra double pedal and liked it before moving to the DW 5000 single pedal and selling off the Cobra. I trust Tama and wanted to see what the newer version was all about. To break it down further, I ended up getting the Tama Iron Cobra 900 Rolling Glide.  

Tama also offers a “Power Glide”.   The main difference here is that the “Power Glide” has an offset shaped sprocket, while the “Rolling Glide” has a round sprocket which was more like the DW I was used to.   The idea of the Power Glide’s offset shaped sprocket is to offer more speed and power at the end of the stroke…but I personally prefer consistency so my foot can learn the pedal and use my playing to increase / decrease power and speed.  

The Tama Iron Cobra 900 Rolling Glide was $229 and came in a heavy duty carrying case.  After getting the pedal out I decided to hook it up to my kick just as it was with no adjustments.  Some of the unique features of this pedal which are responsible for the feel include: The Cobra Coil which is basically a steel spring under the foot board which helps return it to starting position (or until a foot stops it), the Swivel Spring Tight which keeps the spring itself in a straight line.  There are a few other unique features to Iron Cobras like the Vari-Pitch beater holder, speedo ring, and the new hinge guard block.  In regards to the feel, straight out of the box, I found that the Iron Cobra was very…

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