Michael Joly Engineering "The Hulk" 990

We call this little thing our “MJE 990”, because calling it “the Hulk” just doesn't make sense.

It is somewhat of a Neumann U87 clone, and it does sound very clean and transparent. At the time, I needed a good vocal condenser that wouldn’t have issues with sibilance. I had purchased an Audio Technica 4047, but even that mic would have issues on certain voices. The Michael Joly 990 was being advertised as a virtual u87 clone, and their site had some impressive sound samples and specs to prove it. The price was only $450 from their site. Knowing so many of my favorite recordings were done with u87’s, but unable to afford a real one at the time– I figured I’d give it a shot.

It came in this cheap, plastic case made by MXL, because this mic is LITERALLY a heavily modified MXL 990. Amongst other trickery, Michael Joly replaced the stock capsule with their K-47 capsule, the electronic components all got upgraded and…

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