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(9/18/18) Jon Weil gets married to Danielle GilbertWell, it has been a very eventful summer here at Fuzzywallz.  Jon married the love of his life Danielle, the website has undergone a big face-lift, Brandon came onboard, all while continuing to master some great tunes and even watch several Fuzzywallz artists come out with some killer new videos!  If you haven’t already… check these out-

Playboy Manbaby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCfKEIWDxS0&feature=youtu.be 

Ryan Tree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nwj-t6ccKg

Turqouiz Noiz "Pray For Rain" LP - Mastered by Jon Weil of Fuzzywallz MasteringAlso, it was awesome getting the vinyl and cassettes from Turqouiz Noiz (“Pray For Rain”) and Hi My Name is Ryan! Hi My Name is Ryan Cassette - Fuzzywallz Mastering It is  Both of their new albums are now available through Related records https://www.relatedrecords.com/

Most recently, we completed work on new tunes from WHSTLE and full-length album for MC STOVE, so stay tuned for those final products in the coming weeks.

Although the work and fun never really stop, the close of summer does signify a refocus on building and servicing our client base here in Seattle. We plan to begin recording BEEF SUPREME here in town soon, so things should start getting very interesting very quickly (in a GOOD way)!

(6/20/18) It sure feels like summer is here in the Pacific Northwest and with it brought some great productivity.  The Echo Lake Suite has been cranking out some exciting new work.  Also, a new member to the Fuzzywallz team has ‘arrived’…… me, Brandon Weil!  I’m Jon’s brother and will be helping with anything I can moving forward, but enough about me. 

THE COLOR 8 "First Friday" - Mastered by Jon Weil

PLAYBOY MANBABY "Lobotomobile" - Mastered by Jon Weil

THE LIVING RECEIVER "Self Domestication" - Mastered by Jon Weil

Since the last post, Fuzzywallz mastered a groundbreaking EP (“Stella Noir“) for new client NEBULA’S TONIC- this one may be one of our all-time favorites! We also mastered “First Friday” by THE COLOR 8, which is another AZ band that is utterly mind-blowing…We also mixed and mastered 2 new songs for BARCENILLA, which will be released any day now. Earlier this week we mastered a single from rocker AARON PEREZ, and are currently in the midst of mastering a 15-song album of older B-Sides for longtime client GORKY. Last but certainly not least, this last month brought with it the the (long-awaited) release “Self Domestication“, from THE LIVING RECEIVER. This full-length, intense, work of heavy and melodic art was mastered here last year we have been excited to see it hit the general public.

With a ton of new music being written and produced in addition to what is already flooding the air and cyber waves…. what are you feeling as the upcoming Summer Anthem?

(4/16/18) Things have really picked up. Let’s see- in the last month-and-a-half we have mastered full-length albums for PLAYBOY MANBABY (“Lobotomobile”), TOSO (“The Waste”), RYAN TREE (“The Tragic Hours”, coming soon), ADIOS LUNA (“Aurelia”, early May) and CASKET SNATCH (“The Witching Hour”). We put the finishing touches on an EP from MALTA (“Ablution”), and mastered singles from OPTIMYSTICAL, GERRY MAGALLAN and BARCENILLA.

Currently “in the queue” is mastering work for MC STOVE (5-song EP), STUDY HABIT (6-song EP), The Color 8 (11-song LP) and Nick Regal (14-song LP).

(3/2/18) The website is getting a spring cleaning/update along with new pics (finally!) so forgive us for any mess. We’re going for a more concise, clean and modern look, without losing any of the good content.

(2/12/18) The mastering studio has been a busy, busy place…First off- I added some brand-new Focal Solo6 Be‘s! Then, I mastered Turqouiz Noiz‘s sophomore album for CD, vinyl, and cassette. Following that, I had the pleasure of mastering T.O.S.O.’s EP “The Cleanse” and it was released the very next day. The other day I mastered 3 singles for Az-based, funk/metal/hip-hop band The Color 8, and expect a full album from them soon. Tomorrow more sound treatment is scheduled to arrive from GIK Acoustics, and as soon as I can get that set up, we’ll be taking and posting new studio pics…finally. Check our Social Media posts for updates too!


(12/18/17) Things are starting to slow down for the holidays, but business has been rockin’ right along. After one whole year here in Seattle, it’s really feeling like home. Highlights from the last month or so:  I mastered a single for “T.O.S.O.” (song title- “Hungover Forever”), which is a heavy rock band from Phoenix. I did a few more mixes (and masters) for longtime clients BARCENILLA and NEBBULAXX- all of which will be shared soon. I also mastered two songs for an indie/punk band named FREAKS OF NATURE, who will be printing 45’s for their upcoming European tour…Vinyl! As for releases- ANDY MOFFITT released his album “Whitewater“, which I mastered recently. Earlier last month, WHSTLE released their EP “Built For It“, which I mastered and has been doing extremely well on spotify and AZ radio contests.

(10/31/17) Happy Halloween! VERY much has happened in the last two months…First of all, the studio moved about 2 miles, from the neighborhood of North City to the Echo Lake area (both in Shoreline, WA). The new location, now dubbed the “The Echo Lake Suite”, was up and running as of October 20th. The first session at the new place was mastering a full-length album (“Sitcom”) for AZ natives- HAIL, JAUNT DOOMSAYER. This sludgy, emotional piece of musical intensity was a perfect start for what will hopefully be years at this new location. Next, I mixed and mastered the latest track (“Bigger Picture”) from Youtube sensation BARCENILLA. This is part 1 of a 4-part series, so watch out for more of these rather “concept-oriented” videos/songs. I also mixed and mastered a song for NEBBULAXX, and plan on finishing his 4-song EP in the next few weeks, You’ll certainly want to hear this guy’s stuff; think “Flume” but just plain better. Additionally, I have still been able to finish another PERVERTS IN LOVE song (“In Between”), another podcast for THE ELECTORETTE, and am just awaiting approval for the mastering of new full-length albums for ANDY MOFFITT and another Phoenix band called THE LIVING RECIEVER. Now that I am dug into an even better studio setup with upgrades coming very soon, the sky is the limit. After a year in WA now, it’s all really starting to come together!

(8/28/17) Whew! Keeping it real over here. Yet another busy, busy month which is great. I mastered “Muse“, the debut EP from local artist “OOMAHMI“. She is something very special- super original, inspiring and soothing music. I also finished mastering the debut EP for an Arizona group named “WHSTLE”. This particular release (named “Built For It”) has been worked, re-worked and back again for the last few months, so expect absolute perfection! I also finished mixing a new single from BARCENILLA, named “Rush” and it may be his best song yet. I also am almost done mixing a new single from my buddies in GORKY– song is called “Action Pants”, and yeah it’s quite a “kick in the pants” ;)…Lastly, I edited/mixed/mastered 2 podcasts for “THE ELECTORETTE” and expect more podcasts from them very soon. …Links and samples will be posted as soon as they are released.

(7/26/17) Another busy month of work and fun. Let’s see…..my first Seattle client FREEZE released their first full-length concept album, dubbed “Voices”. For that album I not only mastered it, but I also mixed it all. I also mastered another very dynamic song for NULLIN HASAN, a few songs for SAYDI,  and a whole EP for BRENT GILDER (“The BKG Projects”). This week also brings the online release of “Don’t Come Around Here”, a movie soundtrack by Jesse Valencia of GORKY– for which I did all the mixing and mastering.

(6/28/17) What’s new? Well, I have started upgrading certain aspects of my studio (wiring, conversion), writing a new blog/post, mastering tunes from SAYDI, ANDY MOFFITT, JASON CAMPBELL/ZEN WELLNESS and finally got to see the release of BARCENILLA‘s long-awaited album, named “Scorpio“. I mastered and mixed the album, and it has been in the works for over a year- congrats Gabriel!

(5/29/17) Just one week ago I was in hernia surgery. Now I am feeling close to 100% and managed to master three singles in the last few days. Talk about variety! One was a indie rock tune from the AZ band “CAPTIVE COOKS”, another was a ballad from ANDY MOFFITT (I am mastering the rest of his album too) and the third was an 8-minute, very “artsy” piece for NULLIN HASAN, which will be background music for a theatre performance. Links and samples coming soon…

(5/16/17) Just finished mastering STRELITZIA‘s new 5-song EP- “Why Couldn’t You Have Just Died in the Spring?”. Recorded and mixed by Tony Brant, at Epicentre Recording (Phoenix, AZ); this short album is an all-around original, flows with ease, and is consistently impressive. I will certainly be posting links and examples soon. Considering writing a post about this session, titled- “So, what do you do when the mix is amazing and it’s already pretty loud?”…;)

(4/15/17) I literally just wrapped up mastering “VOICES”, a full-length concept album by my first Seattle-area client, aptly named “FREEZE”. I met Glenn Smith (the man behind Freeze) through my brother Brandon, and ended up both mixing and mastering his masterpiece. Expect the release in the next month or two. Glenn/Freeze is my very first Seattle client!