Mixing Tips & Tricks 1-5: “The Basics” by Jon Weil

Below, and in the rest of the series, I will be listing, explaining and detailing helpful mixing tips to maximize your productions and get the best masters possible. I'll generally work from the more basic "mix issue fixes", up towards the more specific elements and tips. This started as a "10 quick mix tips..."-type of post and quickly escalated to an ongoing series! Some of the topics I'll cover include (but certainly aren’t “limited” to)- inspecting your final mix, alternative monitoring ideas, using reference tracks, “2-buss” processing, stereo field usage, depth creation, dynamic manipulation and finalizing your mix sessions. As time goes on, who knows what will be covered! The most common mix issues I find are the basic ones. These are issues that could be solved or at least acknowledged by taking a few minutes to review and double-check your actual mix-down.


These are attributes that extend beyond the small, usually specific, “musical” details. All of these can be universally recognized and easily rectified. The most basic issues can be things like missing audio, damaged audio, mislabelled files and other obvious technical mistakes. These tend to be the first things I notice when reviewing and/or mastering a track, and the last things I triple-check for before sending anything out.Waveform with Stats in RX(more…)

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