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AT-LPW40WN Review

As a mastering engineer, I spend most of my time and do most of my listening, in the studio.

As a result, our “home stereo system” hasn’t really been upgraded in the last decade or longer! Yeah- embarrassing. Since 2007, a Stanton T-90 is all I‘ve had to listen to records on. Aside from being a direct drive turntable (designed for DJ use & USB connectivity)…it has cheap plastic construction, a wobbly platter and can barely play a record without skipping these days. Both my wife and I decided it was time to get a stylish upgrade.

We wanted something reliable and reputable, that had a cue lever, a hard lid, upgraded sound and had to look good in the living room ;). Due to COVID, research was pretty much limited to the internet, & short supply made for even leaner pickings, but on Feb. 11, 2021 our pick of the litter arrived at the doorstep

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