Services and Rates

Our rates are set to keep mastering affordable, while staying on the cutting-edge of technology, with friendly customer service second to none. Mix evaluations are always free, so why wait? Simply contact us to get the process started today!

      $60/song   Single rate

      $50/song   Multiple songs (EP/LP) *

      $15/song   Radio edits, Alt. versions

      $5/song  .mp3 files, .FLAC, etc.

      $10/ea   CD Reference Discs

      $20/song   format-specific versions (ex. vinyl pre-masters, MfiT, etc.)

      $35/hr.   Mastering revisions

*This includes electronic delivery of 16-bit and 24-bit .wav files.DDP files, and one round of revisions (if needed).

      $35/hr.   Mixing **

      $35/hr.   Recording, Production **

** ask about package rates for these services


Paypal, Square and cash accepted