Latest News – Winter 2019

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2019!

We are already moving forward with some new projects this year, but here is a sampling of what has gone down since last fall:


Double Deputy "Gods and Lovers" - CD Art
Double Deputy

“Gods & Lovers” (EP) Mastered by Jon Weil / Fuzzywallz Mastering


Playboy Manbaby Boundless Vanity Artwork
Playboy Manbaby

“Boundless Vanity” (LP) Mastered by Jon Weil / Fuzzywallz Mastering


Primitive State- Logo/Artwork
Primitive State

“Frank Starr Rock Zappa” (LP) Mastered by Jon Weil / Fuzzywallz Mastering


Jon Miking-up Beef Supreme's Drums

The drums and bass have been laid down for Beef Supreme’s upcoming album and it has been a blast getting back to full recording sessions. like the good ‘ol days!  More on that as it becomes available…
Beef Supreme Drum Tracking Collage 11-3-18
In December we acquired a Crane Song HEDD 192 ADC/DAC unit. It even has the new, cutting-edge “Quantum” DAC! We have tested, calibrated and now applied it in a few sessions and love what we are hearing so far.
Finally, after some well deserved time off with the family, the Fuzzywallz duo is rested and ready to rock 2019….. are you?