Latest News from Fuzzywallz Mastering- Spring 2019

It is Spring… and you ask what has happened since January?  A lot, actually!

Here in Seattle we got hammered with historic snow in February.  Now that we are in in April the flowers are popping up and lawnmowers are getting dusted off.  

Stressed Snow Plow
Rotting Yellow- I Bury CD ART

In the Fuzzywallz Mastering world things are plowing ahead!  But recently we’ve  seen several shades of musical things.  From the most recent release of some seriously dark and heavy stuff from Rotting Yellow “I Bury Nails to Watch Then Grow” 

 …to the catchy and lovely mishmash that is Full Moon Party “Mosaic“.

Troubled Minds - Exit Stage Left ART

Then back to some solid driving rock in Troubled Minds’ “A Call to Anywhere At All”.  We are hearing some great sonics come through these fuzzy wallz!

There has also been more work completed on Beef Supreme’s upcoming album. Snow delay be damned!  You’ll have to just stay tuned on that.  There are several more projects in the works and some exciting albums just about due for release.  2019 is currently moving along quite nicely.  Till next time folks!