Fave Piece of Gear at Uranus

Welcome, welcome, welcome! If you are reading this, then know your future will be full of suspense, laughter, joy, confusion and possibly frustration because you will be back to read on and on! So anyways, let’s get to it- introductions are a waste of web space…
For our first ever Audio Blog post, we decided to talk about what each of our favorite pieces of gear are, and why we just can’t live without those particular pieces.

I (Jon Weil) will go first-
As session after session passes, and years of varying projects fly by, we start to grow very fond of anything that is consistently helpful, reliable and/or just plain amazing. Price and magazine reviews quickly are forgotten when we personally use this stuff everyday of our waking lives. I have bought, sold and traded so much equipment that it kind of makes me sick! However, I can say that I have put a lot of miles on a whole slew of gear, ranging from used, entry level instruments to $100,000 mixing consoles. That being said, the one piece of gear that just “takes the cake” would have to be the UAD-2 series of DSP cards and the plug-ins that run on them. I would rather switch to another DAW before I would give up my UAD2/plug-ins! It is almost unfair to pick this because it does a similar job and even replaces many other pieces of gear that I adore.

UAD2 plug-ins image
The UAD system works very well and certainly takes some strain off of Pro Tools or whatever DAW you are running it in. The update and purchasing system seems very efficient, reliable and fair to me. Although I could and would still work without them, I would find myself constantly vexed when choosing EQ, compression, etc. and would be forced to basically re-learn mixing. Almost ALL of my favorite pieces of analog hardware are emulated in a very convincing way and I can use them over and over without having to buy more or patch them in. I use either the SSL or Neve channel strip on almost every track and use new 1176, LA-2A and Studer A800 tape machine plug-ins on every single project! We recently picked up the EMT140 reverb, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and SPL Vitalizer and they are seeing everyday use already. The only other pieces of gear we have that sees this daily type of use would be our computer (Mac Pro), Pro Tools, Manley Voxbox (maybe), air conditioner and toilet!