Why Fuzzywallz?

Fuzzywallz Mastering will make it sound better. With over 40 years in the music industry and surprisingly humble attitudes, brothers Jon and Brandon Weil have created the ideal mastering experience.  

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Polishing Mixes is a Family Affair

The Weil brothers grew up making, recording and listening to music together in the original room with fuzzy walls. Mastering is now the focus at their Seattle-based studio; lovingly dubbed,  “The Echo Lake Suite”. A combination of optimized audio equipment and personalized approach fuels their ever-growing client base. With the majority of final mixes coming in online, Fuzzywallz Mastering can serve local artists and those from around the world.

Jon Weil Mastering Engineer at Fuzzywallz

Jon Weil

Jon started out writing songs and playing guitar at 8 years old. Within a few years, he began recording his and other local bands on rudimentary equipment. This eventually escalated to full-blown, multitrack productions. In 1998, Jon moved from his hometown of Cincinnati to Tempe, AZ, and graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. His  growing reputation as an audio engineer caught the attention of Robin Wilson (“Gin Blossoms” frontman and local studio owner). In 2009, Jon was made Chief Audio Engineer of Uranus Recording. By the time Uranus closed its doors in 2015, Jon had recorded, mixed and/or mastered hundreds of local acts and a long list of major label artists. Since then he has moved to the state of Washington and spends most of his time…mastering!

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Brandon Weil

From booking and marketing to quality control and creative input, Brandon wears many hats at Fuzzywallz. Like his brother, he got into making music at a very young age. Although drums are his first love, he has always been highly involved in the recording process. From being on both sides of the glass, Brandon developed a unique understanding of how things all come together. Aside from making and recording music, Brandon worked over 10 years for Fender Musical Instruments. There he learned the delicate art of customer service and how to always put the client first. Soon after Jon and his family arrived in the Seattle area, Brandon envisioned helping make Fuzzywallz truly world class. In almost no time at all, Jon and Brandon were working together and set out to make Fuzzywallz Mastering into what it is today.

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