What is Fuzzywallz?

Fuzzywallz Mastering is an audio recording, mixing and mastering company, established by Jon Weil in 2004. We have had the pleasure of  working with hundreds of local acts and quite a handful of major-label artists as well (see the extensive client list). Nowadays, Fuzzywallz Mastering operates out of Shoreline, Washington (just north of Seattle) and consists of Jon and his brother, Brandon Weil. Our new studio- the “Echo Suite”, offers properly-tuned acoustics for crystal-clear monitoring and a custom console with extensive analog & digital processing options.

Why Fuzzywallz?

Head Engineer Jon Weil graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Sciences in Tempe, AZ and has been taking the craft of recording music seriously for over 20 years and is also known by artists as an excellent communicator and consistently putting the artists needs first. Simply put, Fuzzywallz not only has access to a wealth of knowledge and professional experience, but will also provide a smooth artist-focused experience from start to finish. Although Brandon is new to the team in an “official” capacity, he has been creating, playing and working with music for over 20 years also. Having someone like this adds massive amounts of resources to both the business and especially the clients.


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